Blogging Challenge Week 1

2012 already!

As I reflect on 2011 and all the great things I was able to do, I'm wondering if I'll be able to accomplish as much this year… Every year for the past four years I've started off the new year with a 'music plan'. I would write down the things I wanted to do during that year. I love making lists, so it's somewhat easy for me :) The hard part was of course achieving the things I had set out to do. But regardless of whether I did 'tick the box' or not, making that plan always motivated me and gave me a sense of direction. 

To start out the new year, I've embarked on a blogging challenge, or the Canadian Songwriters Social Media Challenge with Ariel Hyatt. I've always wanted to blog, but I guess I've always been afraid of doing so. So here it is! For the next 9 weeks, I'll be posting a blog every week letting you know how the challenge is going. Now, it might get really interesting as I'm supposed to go on a few trips in the coming two months, so stay tuned!!

This week was about learning to focus on your successes (i.e. focus on what's good in your life and what you did as opposed to things you didn't do or should have done). For the next 9 weeks (and entire year if we want to) we have to write down 5 successes per day, big or small. After one week, it's actually really interesting to see how much I've done over the past week!

This week I recorded back up vocals for the singer-songwriter Blue Blue Satellite, I met with a PR representative, I played a show in Kingston with Old Whiskey Road, organized my new music room and worked on some new songs! 

Oh, and I also came up with 5 goals for the year:

1. Increase my online presence - I find that website's a little bare when I don't have shows! haha so I'll be focusing on writing blogs and recording some videos to post online.

2. Make a CD!! I've been talking about this for a while, so this year is the year :)

3. Go on tour! I've done two so far and it's both times were amazing experiences, so I can't wait for the third one!! This time I'm hoping to go out West!

4. Practice…. mmm I'm getting a bit sick of this one. But I really want to improve my guitar skills and play a bit more harmonica and piano. I also got a looping pedal for Christmas so I'm really excited to try it out.

5. Better manage work/music/life balance…. It's not an actual music goal, but for me it's probably the most important. Let's just say sometimes I feel I have two full time jobs…not counting my friends and family. While I would much rather just sit on my bed and write songs, sometimes it's not that simple (though I wish it were). So, all this to say, it's difficult, but I wouldn't do it any other way :) 

If you want to join me on this 9-week journey, that'd be great! I promise it'll get more exciting! :)


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