SAC Challenge 2014 - Week 6 - Collaboration

Well, turns out life kind of got in the way of this challenge!! I wasn't able to do weeks 4 and 5, but I really wanted to do week 6 - collaboration. I'm not a big fan of collaborations. Mostly because I haven't had the best experiences. It has nothing to do with the other artists nor the songs we come up with, but everything to do with the process. I am a slow thinker and writer. I don't work fast and hence why I don't particularly enjoy blitz songwriting sessions where the emphasis is on coming up with something very quickly. The result is a song I helped steer, but do not feel I contributed to. In many cases, it's not a song I would sing.

But, I set my fears aside and met up with North Easton who lives just a few kilometres from me. I have to thank North for agreeing to take on this challenge with me! The process was certainly a fast one, but it definitely pushed me! It was really interesting to see how someone else works and how they write. I love the song we came up with and thanks to North, it is completely produced! 

You can find the song below, but I will be explaining the song in a second blog post. Stay tuned!


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