Week 5 - Girl's Got Covers!!!

Well, a few weeks have passed since my last post, so I should be further along in the Social Media Challenge than week 5, but here I am! The last few weeks have been extremely busy with shows, events and more shows, so I'm gonna try my best to tell you about everything that happened in my next few posts!

Week 5 is all about YouTube... Like it or not, YouTube is apparently the second largest online search engine. Crazy. I've always had mixed emotions about YouTube. On the one hand, I love watching videos, whether music, documentaries, comedy, magic. It's a great portal for sharing your views and being creative. With music especially, it allows me to watch music videos and vlogs by my favourite artists I can search for songs I like and get ideas on how to play them (and even step-by-step instructions!). I can also listen to different covers and get inspired. YouTube is great for that.

But as an artist, it can also be very daunting, espcially when/if you start comparing yourself to others. Unfortunately, I tend to do that, and so sometimes instead of acting as a great source of information and inspiration, I start comparing myself, doubting my abilities and I'm left feeling pretty down. Yep.... weird eh? 

So, what I've been slowly trying to do is looking at different artists and just learning from them. What I've noticed mostly is the creativity and imagination that some artists put into their videos. There so many interesting ways you can present your songs, whether originals or covers, which makes people want to watch! Or just different ways of doing covers. Check out these artists: Walk Off The Earth (check out their Gotye cover) and Gabrielle Alpin (check out her Bob Dylan cover). I find their videos so creative and unique.

While I've been wanting to post some covers for while now, I think the main reason that was stopping me is the fact that I have a hard time "making them my own." Not that you have to, but I find it more interesting when people put an effort in their covers. But that's just me :) So, here's what I did for week 5:

A few months ago I was listening to Tom Waits and came upon his song "I Hope I Don't Fall In Love With You". What a beautiful song! So, I decided to go to a rehearsal studio and just record it live from the floor. Here it is: 

As one is never enough, here's a second one recorded just yesterday! This one is Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová. Blue Blue Satellite and I first payed it for his CD release party in Toronto and we played it again last night as part of the Great Canadian Song Along, which happens every year in Ottawa. Hope you like it!

That's it for now! :)

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