Week 6 - Blogging and Bloggers

Week 6 of the Social Media Challenge is about blogging, but also about finding blogs that interest you and following them. Fortunately, this whole challenge is about blogging and I'm feeling more and more at ease. I haven't been able to blog every week, however, and I think that's limited my ability to keep things up-to-date. I'm working on that :)

As for finding and following other blogs, interestingly enough, there is a google site for finding blogs! Yep, just go to http://www.blogsearch.google.com and search away! So I've tried to look for sites about folk music, sites that showcase singer-songwriters and provide tips and tools for writing songs or about social media. Here's what I came up with (in addition to the SAC website, which has great information!):

Blogs about music and artists:
- http://music.cbc.ca
- http://www.rootsmusic.ca
- http://www.abetterworld.ca/
- http://folkmusiccanada.ca/

Blogs with tips:
- http://songwriterstipjar.wordpress.com/
- http://www.bloggingmuses.com/
- http://arielpublicity.com/category/blog/ (aka Ariel Hyatt)
- http://www.suzemuse.com/

Finally, this site was created by Cheryl Gain and gives information about the arts and culture in Ottawa - always good to know what's going on in your city!
- http://www.ottawatonite.com

So, my goal is to start following these blogs and learn! I think I've got my work cut out :)

See you soon!

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