Week 7 - Would you perhaps, potentially, maybe join my newsletter?!!!

This week, the topic of the Social Media Challenge is the newsletter - how to create one, how to cater to your fans and how to make money. Yep, i said money :)

In her book Music Success in 9 Weeks, Ariel Hyatt mentions a recent study by Top Spin Media,
which showed that "30% of its users' overall revenue was generated through their newsletters"!!! 30%!!!

That's great news, however, there's just one tiny problem: I have nothing to sell! Haha At least for now. That's not to say that newsletters are not important for other things like updating your fans on what you've been up to both musically and in your personal life, maybe sharing a new video or song, and perhaps most importantly is the "call to action," i.e., asking your fans to do something such as liking you on Facebook, joining your YouTube channel or following you Twitter.

So, as part of this challenge, I've decided to start a bi-monthly newsletter (every two months) beginning in April and will see how it goes!

So forget the politeness, stop wasting time and JOIN MY NEWSLETTER!!! haha Ok, ok, if you so are inclined to join my newsletter, please send me your email here and I will add you. AND if you do, I'll send you a free song (you can pick a song in French or in English) or I will learn a song of your choice and post it on YouTube just for you! How about that!! :)

I hope to receive your email!!!

I'm leaving you with a few pictures from the Blue Blue Satellite CD Release at Gallery Fontana Swing in Toronto on Feb. 25! For more pictures, check out my Facebook fan page :)

Ciao for now!


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