SAC Challenge 2014 - Here we go again!

Well, here we go again! I've started a new challenge called 6 Songs in 6 Weeks. It's being organized by the Songwriting Association of Canada. There are over 60 artists participating and every week we're given a challenge and we have one week to write a song based on that challenge. It's a little intimidating and at times overwhelming, but it's a great way to get the creative juices flowing!

This week's challenge was all about titles, themes and opening lines. I ended up writing a song using one of the opening lines I came up with. It's called There She Goes. It's a start. Hope you enjoy!

Song titles I like:
-    Brave (Sara Bareilles)
-    Step off (Kacey Musgrave)
-    Let her go (Passenger)
-    Kapuskasing Coffee (Justin Rutledge)
-    What I wouldn’t do (Serena Ryder)
-    Halfway to Memphis (Kacey Musgrave)
-    Haven’t met you yet (Michael Buble)

Themes I like:
-    Loss, losing someone, losing yourself
-    Letting go of the past, letting go of your worries 
-    Going away, leaving someone behind
-    Feeling free, no worries, no commitment
-    Seeing the world, travelling, discovering

Opening lines I like:
-    If you should fall to pieces, you know I’ll pick them up. (Serena Ryder, What I wouldn't do)
-    Who needs a house up on a hill, when you can have one on four wheels, and take it anywhere the wind might blow? (Kacey Musgrave, My House)
-    If you ain’t go two kids by twenty one you’re probably gonna die alone. (Kacey Musgrave, Follow Your Arrow)
-    You sure look pretty in your glass house. (Kacey Musgrave, Step Off)
-    Woke up this morning, put on my slippers, walked in the kitchen and died. (John Prine, Please don't burry me)
-    I heard the wind today, telling me to go. (John Bryant, Ontario)
-    Well I was knowing that you were going when you came knocking at my door. (David Myles, So Blind)
-    Well you only need the light when it's burning low, only miss the sun when it starts to snow. (Passenger, Let Her Go)


My song titles:

  1. No time for giving up
  2. Just as crazy
  3. Never been so blue
  4. 120 miles an hour
  5. Draggin my feet

My themes:

  1. Travelling
  2. Seeing the world
  3. Living the way I want to live
  4. Not being afraid of dying
  5. Being a mother

My openings:

  1. Leaves are falling on her weathered face
  2. I was sitting in the discount bin next to Led Zeppelin and Green Day
  3. I’ve been draggin myself around town 
  4. You ain’t never gonna catch me (so don’t hold my breath)
  5. I never saw it coming

There She Goes
Kristine St-Pierre

Leaves are falling on her weathered face
Giving up wasn’t her mistake
Winter took all that she had 
Fading hope in the dead of night x2

Now it’s time, to let her go 
Now it’s time, let her spirit grow 
Now it’s time, there she goes
Free is her soul

Now she’s singing with the finest crowds
Dancing with the brightest stars
Funny how the darkest days
Always fade away x2

Now it’s time, to let her go
Now it’s time, let her spirit grow 
Now it’s time, there she goes
Free is her soul

After everything she’s giving me
A mother’s love just don’t disappear
She’s right here with me
She’s right here with me

Pa da pa pa da dum pa da pa pa da dum x3
Pa pa da da dum x3

Chorus x1

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