SAC Challenge 2014 - Week 2 - Where inspiration abounds

This week's challenge was about finding inspiration in our every day lives. We were asked to spend ten minutes in five different places during the week and come up with different song ideas.


1. ​Rob Ford's got you covered this VD! A classmate gave a belated VD card. It immediately gave me some ideas for a country song!
'I must have been drunk when I met you...'

2. First show at the National Arts Centre! I had the privilege to sing at the NAC for the first time! It was my friend YAO's debut at the NAC and I joined him on a few songs.

3. Kathleen Edwards inspires me. I had the rare chance to see and hear Kathleen Edwards at a house concert. I say rare because this was the first house concert for the seven-time JUNO nominee. What an inspiration she is. Beautiful voice, thoughtful lyrics and incredible dynamics on the guitar.

4. Takin' in the fresh air at Mont Tremblant. I went skiing!! It had been a long long time and what a fun day it was!

5. Birthday fun. We celebrated Dave's birthday for the third time...but I forgot to take a picture :( 

I thought the exercise was really useful in making me look at things around me differently - observing people, listening to people's conversations - I do that normally, but this time I kept thinking about 'the song'... A title, a lyric, a theme. The song I came up with is based on a conversation between four thirty-something friends in the gondola at Mont Tremblant.  They were reflecting on their age and how it's funny that when you're young you think twenty and thirty is so old, but then once you get there, you think twenty was so young (and you'd never want to go back!)! 

Better From Here
Funny how, twenty seemed so old
We saw friends every night
Drank our heartbreaks, fought the fights
There was never a doubt, in our minds and in our hearts
We had a lifetime to figure it all out
Funny how, thirty came so fast
With a mortgage, job and kids
Wondering how we got to this
There’s just no easy way, to slow down the pace
Funny how, it justs accelerates
By now, you thought it’d start to slow down
By now, you thought you’d have finally found
Your place
Funny how it’s never been so clear
Days’ are changin’
But I’m trading in my fears
Cause it only gets better with the years
Life is so much better from here
Cause it only gets better with the years
Life is so much better from here
Life is so much better from here

Thanks for reading and listening!!