When it all starts making sense

We’ve all heard the expressions “everything happens for a reason” or “everything works out in the end.” Although I’ve lived most of life with these expressions in mind, lately I’ve been asking myself these questions:

When will I reach this supposed “end” where everything will make sense? Will I wake up one day to find everything magically falling into place or will I have to physically make each piece of puzzle fit?

As many of you may know, last September I decided to go back to school – journalism school more specifically. The decision was a very difficult one, as it would mean cutting down on my work hours (and much needed income!) and most likely cutting down on my music, not to mention the time spent with family and friends. Did I need to go back to school? The simple answer is no (well, that’s what many people told me – I already have a graduate degree so many people thought it was a bit redundant).

But for some reason, the desire to try something different and challenge myself was greater than the thought of going from a full-time well-paying job to being a ‘starving student’ (thankfully that hasn’t happened…yet!). Even more puzzling is the fact that I decided – and I willingly chose – to go from balancing three things to four: a job, a growing music career, my boyfriend (plus family and friends), and university.

Yes, some look at me and think I must be crazy, or indecisive, or just plain old confused. And the truth is, there are certainly times when I feel that way. But then I think “I may not see it yet, but there’s a reason why I’m doing all this”….“it’s all gonna make sense in the end.” And while I still don’t know if or when it will all magically fall into place, the puzzle is slowly starting to take shape.

Here's what I learned today :)

Lesson #1: Ira Glass on Storytelling

While the first semester was all about print, this semester is focused on radio and television. So for the next six weeks, I’ll be learning about radio broadcasting. Pretty exciting, uh?! But what’s even more interesting is what I’m learning about regarding storytelling: setting the context, describing the scene, using your senses, etc. All are applicable to songwriting. Our professor shared this video and I’d like to share it with you. Ira Glass is the critically acclaimed host and producer of the Chicago Public Radio’s program “This American Life.”

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

I will try to share more thoughts on journalism, music and songwriting as the semester unfolds. In the meantime, I hope this video will inspire you!

Kristine xo

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