Where does the time go....

We're already approaching the end of January and I haven't even had time to think about my goals for this year. It's so weird. For the last few years, the new year was always a time for me to think about what I had yet to accomplish and set new goals. Some years I did a simple list, two years ago I made a poster with chalk pastels, and last year I made a word cloud. I take this seriously! But this year - nothing. I'm a bit disappointed in myself, but in all honesty, I just haven't had one minute to really sit down and think about it! Better late than never I guess :)

I should mention that 2013 was a pretty amazing year. In addition to journalism school, I played more than 50 concerts, spent a week in Petite-Vallee, QC and another week in Victoria, BC focusing on songwriting and performance, went to the Democratic Republic of Congo for a month for a radio documentary I'm doing on music and peace, I was chosen as the community idol for Community Foundations of Canada's French campaign (ad will come out soon!) and I played my first show at the Blacksheep! There's plenty more, but those are the highlights...in addition to spending quality time with family and Dave :)

The first thing I'm going to ask for in 2014 is for it to be a tiny bit less hectic. I'll be honest, 2013 was a bit crazy (yes, my album title is very fitting...). Or perhaps what I'm saying is that I want to enjoy a bit more quality time, maybe take a trip or two with Dave, relax a bit :) But knowing myself, I'm still gonna take on more than I probably should. Ohhhhh well :)

So here's my list of things I'd like to do in 2014!
  • Go on a cross-Canada tour! (planning it right now!)
  • Play at least one big (or small!!!) festival - any takers??
  • Create a weekly podcast
  • Get more work published
  • Go on a trip with Dave (or multiple trips!)
  • Release a second album in French (or English depending on what comes out)
  • Play at the NAC or Shenkman Arts Centre (working on it!)
  • Make $$$ (yep...since I'm now relying on my music as well as consulting work, I need to make this work!)

There are a few more...but I'm keeping those as surprises :))) I guess you'll just have to check back and see!

List or no list, I hope your 2014 is off to a good start! By the way, you know what's cool in 2014? THESE AWESOME T-SHIRTS. You should get one :)

Till next time!

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