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SAC Challenge Week 3

This week’s challenge was centered on collaboration. Collaboration is a strange thing – it could go great or could go really badly. I haven’t collaborated much over the years, partly because the few collaborations I have done haven’t been…how should…

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SAC Challenge Week 2

Well, this week was such an interesting week, mostly because of the process I followed for writing the song. I'm truly amazed at how every idea morphed into something else, which led to the final song. 

The process:

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SAC Challenge Week 1

I'm trying to find a picture that will capture what I want to say, but nothing seems to capture the hurt, sadness and anger that I feel from reading the news lately. I remember when Malaysian Airline Flight 17 was…Read more

2016 Here I Come!

After reflecting on what was a pretty amazing year, I'm ready to focus on what's to come! I noticed that I didn't make a list of goals for 2015, so I thought I'd first revisit my 2014 list and then…Read more