2016 Here I Come!

After reflecting on what was a pretty amazing year, I'm ready to focus on what's to come! I noticed that I didn't make a list of goals for 2015, so I thought I'd first revisit my 2014 list and then see where I'm at in 2016.

Here's the list of things I wanted to achieve in 2014. I'd say I'm pretty much on track!

  • Go on a cross-Canada tour! - I did in May 2014 and it was amazing! 
  • Play at least one big (or small!!!) festival - Two years later, I've played at the Ottawa Bluesfest twice and CityFolk and Grassroots once! 
  • Create a weekly podcast - And I did!! I hosted my own show on CKCU 93.1FM from Sept. 2014 to Sept. 2015. 
  • Get more work published - hmmm still working on this one!
  • Go on a trip with Dave - We did! We went out West in May 2014, Jamaica in the summer of 2014, Maine this past June and Kenya in August! Plus a bunch of mini road-trips here and there! ✔
  • Release a second album in French  - still working.....
  • Play at the NAC or Shenkman Arts Centre - I did! Twice! 
  • Make $$$ - Getting there... 2015 was actually my most lucrative year musically and my contracts have been picking up so all in all it's going good! 
Now, for 2016..... Now that Ava is here, I think there are a few priorities that have changed. But if there is one mantra I will follow is not to let fear get in the way. 
  1. Release a French EP and English album.
  2. Go to Nashville to co-write.
  3. Be an incredible role-model and mother to Ava and a pretty great girlfriend to Dave.
  4. Take a family trip to another continent.
  5. Make more money from music.
  6. Make more money as a trainer/consultant.
  7. Get nominated for my music. 
  8. Write a book. 
  9. Involve myself with a humanitarian organisation or work with other artists to create social change. ​
  10. Play on the CP Holiday Train. 
Have you made your list yet? If so, what are you looking to achieve?

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